Friday, March 29, 2013

The story behind a photo

The story behind a photo

One of my favorite photos is of me on my birthday.

My mom took that photo on my birthday, on April 8th in 2001. That was a Sunday at dinner time.

We were in my bedroom, and my mom was calling my attention for I look to the camera!

In the photo I was playing with some bowling pins in my bedroom. That was a really important moment cause was my 1st birthday, and my mom wanted to keep that.

I keep this photo in album with the others pictures of my birthday! Sometimes I look at the album and I can imagine that I´m a baby again.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

     MY 4th BIRTHDAY

     One of my favorite photos is in my birthday.
     I took the photo on my birthday in 2003 when I was in my bed opening my presents.
     My family and I stayed in my house, and we celebrated my birthday. We were very happy because it was my 4th birthday.
     It was so funny, I thought: this moment is the best, because I was getting many presents.
     I keep this photo on my bedroom On a bad day, I look it and remember my child haad and I stay best than before.

My photo

My Favorite Photo

One of my favorites photos is of I with my dad.

My sister took the photo in the winter of this year, 2013, I and my family were on vacation of Europe, we went to Paris, Rome and London.

We were in London, at the London Eye, we could see the Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace.

In the photo my dad and I, we were wearing coats, because, it was freezing, it was -5ºc.

I keep this photo on my Facebook and I like it, because I was look good with winter clothes and I was with my family.   


My favorite photo is with my best friend, Thabata.

Mayla took this photo, we were in the pool area.

We took this photo last year, we were at Mayla's house.

We went to Mayla's house for her birthday, it was a surprise. This photo is my favorite because Thabata used that to gave to me a photo frame to celebrate our friendship.

I have this photo on my facebok and on the wall of my bedroom. This photo is very special. 

One of my favorite photos is that I was going to a party.

My sister took this photo in my house last year.

I was going to the party when I asked  my sister and she took the photo and was a "fast" photo.

It´s me ready for a party and I was wearing  good clothes.

I keep that photo in my computer and my facebook I like because is a beautiful photo.

                                        My favorite photo

My favorite photo is of me and my family.

My cousin took the photo, on December 24th 2012, at my Uncle's house.

All my family was at my Uncle's house to celebrate Christmas, and  in that hour we were giving gifts to each other.

In the photo you can see me, my father, my mother, and my sister. Behindus there is a christmas tree that is in front of the door, near the balcony.

My father keeps this photo on an Hard Drive, and I keep it on my Ipod. Me and my family were having a very great time because we were all together having fun, and that's why I like this photo.

The little travel on one ship

This is my favorite photo because in this photo I was with a little bit of my family.
   I took this photo in 2011, inApril, in São Paulo.
  In São Paulo were going to a ship, it's very big and were going to stay in the ship for one month.
  We didn't have any guide because it's not necessary, the ship was very big and had a lot of pools and parties, it was very cool.
   I put this photo on my facebook and on the wall of my bedroom.
One of my favorite photos is that i waws going to a party.

My sister took this photo is my house last year.

I were going to the party when i ask for my sister for she took the photo and was a "fast" photo.

It´s me


My favorite photo was when I went to Outback restaurant with my friends.

We asked a person who was there to take the photo for us. It happened this year on February 24, We had gone to RioMar shopping.

We were eating rib's with Barbecue and drinking soda.

It was so funny, I think this day was one of the best days of my life. Everybody was smiling and teasting the soda cups! I liked it a lot!

I keep this photo on my wall, and I like it because I was with my best friends there! The day was very good and we laughed a lot!

Marcelo Lins - Teen 3 - ABA
Teacher Cecília Lemos

One of my favorite photos is of me and my friends.

My friend Thaynara took the photo on my cellphone in my last school field trip, when we were in Carnijó.

We were in a farm hotel waiting for the bus to go back for to Recife. João Ricardo, my friend, was in the photo too, but I cropped him for post on facebook. I don´t like him so much. The friend on the left is Isabela, the boys are Marco Antônio and Thiago.

My Friends are very funny and cool. We sat in pairs in the bus. I can´t rebember what we talked about. I just remember we laughed a lot.

I keep this photo on facebook for remember these good moments. I wish I can come back for Carnijó one day.

Best year ever...

One of my favorite photos is of me and my friend.
We took this photo on 11/28/2012 at AABB. We were finishing the 8th grade.
Last year was the best year ever. She didn't study with me, but we had so much fun together.
I keep this photo by my bed, it is the wallpaper of my cellphone... EVERYWHERE. I really LOVE this photo.

My favorite photo is that one im showing it was in São João.

My mother took this photo in 2011 I was in front of my home, the photo doesn´t show my home. My home is at the right at the picture.

My uncle´s house is in front of my house and we were in the road that separates the houses, My uncle was doing Barbecue and in my home there is a swimming pool.

My Brothers and my dad were in the photo my mom isn´t in the photo because she was taking the photo

I keep this photo in the computer and in one album
One of my favorite photo is of my father and I are in a lake.   
The photo was token in Cuibá, by the friend of my father on my vacation  in the summer of 2011.
 We were in Chapada dos guimarães ,and we were met Cuibá, I and my father wanted to met the famous lake.
In the photo has I ,my father and the guide,on bed of the lake and we walked in the lake    .
I keep this photo on the wall in my bedroom,and was a boling day in Cuibá.I loved this day it was a very cool day , and i wanted come back to Chapada dos guimarães.                                                                  

My favorite photo

 This photo is a one of my many favorites photos.
My sisteer took to me in my last travel abroad. I went with my familyto to the U.S.A.
When we went to the Central Park, it was covered in snow. And was the first time saw the snow..
I and my cousins did snowball fight. Ans was very cool!! One time I fell in teh floor and got the snow on top me.
This day was very special and I will never forget everythigs happening in it.

Baixe foto.JPG (1694,6 KB)

This photo is one my favorite's photos.

My mother tooked this photo in last Tuesday, March 19 2013, when we were on vacation in Israel, in the border with Syria, in Golan Hills.

We were in Israel with my family, my father, my sister, my ants, my uncles and my cousins, where we went the North and the Center of Israel. We were with a good guide

Marcel, the guide, is the wanderful person, he did take our to the beautiful citys in Israel, but I did like this photo because is in real bunker.

I keep this photo in my computer, and I really like because was in my favorites moments in my vacation to Israel.

dive day

One of my favorite photos is with my mom and my stepfather.
The photo was taken by the instructor in the summer of 2011 when we were on vacation in porto de galinhas.
I don´t remember the name of the instructor but he was very cool.We dived 7 meters that day.
I keep this photo on my computer.The water was very cold that day,but it was very cool day.I cant wait to dive again!
     One of my favorite photos is my trip to Fazenda Nova.
     My mother took this photo on 01/01/2007, during the vacation.
     I´m with my dad and my mother in this travel, but they don´t appear in this photo. We are in a trip in the forest. It´s not exacly in Fazenda nova.

    I don´t remember exactly what are we doing, but I know tha after this trip we went back to the hotel.

    My mother keeps this photo in a box of photos.


One of my favorite photos is one of me on a trip .

My cousin took the photo in  the winter of 2012 when I was on vacation in Italy.

We were sigthseeing around the city.

In this photo i was in front of the Colosseum .

I keep this photo on my computer and cell phone , I like it because was the first time I was abroad.

My favorite photo

One of my favorite photos is this one of me and my friends.

My mother took the photo in 2013, on my birthday

We were at my house. We were going to eat the cake, but my mom said that we had to put the pink hats.

My friends were talking. Two of then met the others on that day, but they all had fun. They got to my house early and one of then slept there.

I keep this photo in my bedroom. It reminds me how we almost destroyed the house and how fun it was.

My favorite photo is when I went to Natal.
The photo was taken in July of 2012 when I was on vacation.

I was in Natal with my parents and we went to see the biggest cashew tree in the world.

When we went there were a lot of people and we took the photo with a tripod.

I like this photo because when I see It I remember the trip and It was very good.


One of my favorite photos is this one of my father's side of the family.

The photo was taken with the self-timer of the camera. The camera was on a tripod. It was taken in December 2010 when we were celebrating Christmas.

We were spending the weekend in a hotel in Carneiros, a beautiful beach in the coast of Pernambuco. We went to the beach, talked, exchanged presents and spent time together.

All my family is in the photo: My two aunts and my uncle, my father, all my cousins (from my father's side) and their children, my brothers and sisters-in-law and my children. It was the first year we decided to celebrate Christmas before the real date, spending an entire weekend on the beach, all of us together.

I keep this photo on the computer and by my bed. I love looking at it and remembering the happy times I spend together with my family.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rio De Janeiro

                              Rio De Janeiro Copacabana Beach Wallpaper (click to view) 
                                                                 My first plane Travel

This is a photo of copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro.
I was there in january of 2010.
I went there with my parents and my grandmother.
There,I staied in a very good hotel at the atlantic avenue,
That was my best travel by plane.

Hotel in Gravatá

This photo is about a fishing with my family.

I took this photo because was the birthday of my brother.

This photo was in march 02th 2012.

We celebrated my brother's birthday at a hotel in Gravatá.

We traveld on Friday  night and we arrived on Sunday afternoon.

This weekend was very nice!

PS: Me and my cousins are in this picture.

One of my favorites photos


         One of my favorite photos is of my guinea pig that died. 
         I took this photo when I arrived at my home from school and I won my first pet.
         I had dinner with my family, and I went at my room and she was eating a carrot on the floor, I was very happy, because I always wanted a pet.
         I put her name Biscoita, because I gave a cookie to her and she liked it a lot. Every day when I arrived at home I played with she. Three years after I won, she died.
         I keep this photo on the table in my room. I really like this photo because it brings me good memories.

By: Laísa Balata

My Favorite Photo


                                                        An amazing day at beach

               One of my favorite photos is this one of a beach in Natal-RN.
      I took this photo in the summer of 2009,when i was at vacation in Brazil.
    We  were in natal,and we were walking through the beach.Then,we saw some surf boards to rent.We rent the boards,and then we start some surf classes.
     Our teacher,Fabio,was an very simpatic man,but very serious too. I remenber exactly the color of the sky and of the sea.
      I keep this photo archived in my computer,and every time i want to remenber this moment i look at this photo.