Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Travel To Miamy (The Story Behind a Photo)

One of my favorite photos was this photo of my brother and the Flamingo's in Miami zoo.
I took the photo in my travel to the EUA in january of 2013 i was on vacation.
We were at Miami but after we went to Orlando and went to the parks, so there in Miami we went to the zoo.
I don't remember exactly the name o f the zoo but i think that it's the unic in Miami.
I took the photo with my Ipod, and now i am remembering that in EUA was winter and was cold and not hot like Brazil is.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

travel to rio de janeiro

I went to rio de janeiro while on vacation! was one of the best trips of my life! traveled at dawn, and the journey was super great! One of the things I most admired was the bread of sugar! amazing place! I admired very much! The Christ too, gorgeous! so tired that much to get it! you over 230 steps! The beaches are beautiful too! Copacabana, Barra da Tijuca ... There overnight and beautiful, the streets well lit, crowded bars and restaurants! I found this super cool "social" "they have! Anyway, I loved the Rio, I hope to return there again!

                                                THE STORY BEHIND A PHOTO.
  One of my favorite photo is of my sister wetting me. My mother took this photo in 2013 January. I was in holiday in Itamaracá   Island.
             We were in Itamaracá, was very hot and my sister resolved to surprise me with a nice bath of water in my face, then my mother registered the moment.
              I love so much my sister, she is a big friend; in spite of bath that she gave me in this day.                      
              But I Love the joke. I always tell that this photo represent the love between brothers.
           When I see this photo the memories this happy day come back, and I hope have many funny moments with my sister.  

The history behind a photo.

                       My favorite photo is my dog with her sisters.
                       My mom took this photo in December in holidays.
                       Me and my family decided to buy a dog.
                       Two were sold before.
                       They are four Lhasa Apson and they are really cute.
                        We bought Thuca, she is caramel and brown.
                        I love her.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Disney 2012


I took this photo in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, USA. My travel was in July of 2012.

I visited many parks, such as: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Island of Adventure and Universal Studios. I was staying at the Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel.
This travel I was with Experimento Intercambio Cultural, and friends from São Paulo, Palmas and Curitiba there’re Estela, Rayanne, Ana Gabriela, Thaynara,  Bárbara, José, Bruno, Matheus and friend of Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Taiwan.
The Walt Disney World is wonderful, the USA too. I did new friend and I did class of English, about the parks and the culture of USA.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jhonny :) is meeee !

 Me and My Sister !!!

So… The day of that picture, we came back from the home of Brenda’s boyfriend. Is the last Day that I see her in Recife . She doesn’t live in her, so we take my cell phone , and toke a lot of pictures  , Is Really funny, Because we love takes pictures and we have fun with we other, Maybe is the last time in that year that she come to my home, but… maybe not , I really don’t know ,But all the time that she came , I still happy, because, she is my best friend, is someone that I can believe, is the girl that hates who I hates, is my sister.  I just talk about this picture because, I really miss her and that the last picture that we take.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The story behind a photo

My photo, is when I traveled  to catuama beach
My grandfather has a house  in this place, so I travel to, very much
I love the beach, there are very calm
the city is never crowded, many people only have when holiday or vacation
I go to this beach since I was little, my parents always take me there
My family is very united, whenever we have opportunities, we celebrate something there


In October of 2012 my family and I went to Disney.
On October 12th we celebrate Children's Day in the park hollywood studios.
The main attractions of this park are: roller coaster aero Smith Rock, the little mermaid, toy store, Indian Jones, the tower of terror, cars, and others.
The attraction was that I liked the roller coaster "Roller Coast Aero Smith Rock."
This park is a replica of a studio cinema, where we can see how movies are made and its special effects.
At the end of the day we dined mums restaurant on Main Street, where extamanete tireir this photo. We used to eat foodstypical American

Johnny- The last day of school

The last day of school
My last day in my last school was a true party. The teachers gave to us a lot of free class so we talked,played a enjoyed a lot. At the end we took a photo with every body inclusive our teacher of science.After the class we commemorated at the school.

Johnny - A party on the night - Rafael Silva

This is a photo from the last year. In the day, we were in the birthday of the woman next to me in the photo. We were in the party room, and the birthday was to cool. We celebrate all the night, talked a lot, saw a concert of a band and we had fun. The best part of the party was the band concert. The leader of the band was the son of the birthday! The band's name was AltPlay, but they don't sang songs in group more! They argue, and the band finished, but they played good songs. Finally, In the next day, I had slept all the morning, and a part of the afternoon. In the photo, I was with my family, friends and the birthday, and we were in the final of the room. That was a fantastic day, and I don't think I going to forgot it.


This photo was in the carnival. I went to the port of chickens with my friends, spent all her holiday.
Luisa and Luana are the other two girls in the photo, they are my best friends, that day I went Luana's house, and Luisa was there too. So we goes to the beach and after that we went home to eat, but we didn't goes to take shower, we goes to the pool. And after that we goes take shower. we stayed ate home until 7:00 o'clock. When was 7:00 o'clock we goes to the city, and we stayed therer until 11:00 o'clock, and after this, whe goes home.

Johnny-Thais Oliveira

This Day was at the carnaval,where in Gravatá these are my friends Giovanna,Juliana e Isabella.This is in a Carnival 2013 was a very good,we went to te party.I was at my friend home,Giovanna where 20 people to the house,was very good. I dressed wedding,Giovanna dress up as Pedrita,Juliana dress up as índia,Isabella dress up as índia too. 


it was in january 2013, in vacation. It was my friend birthday and we went to the rio mar shopping to play bowlling with some friends. After we played bowlling we went to centauro and discuss with the seller and was funny. 


It was a weekend, when I went to Aldeia with my mother and my grandfather. But rained a lot, so I hardly ever could go to the swimming pool, then I past the time drawing, reading or playing snooker. But it good, because I could stay with no stress that have here in the city, and I could read with more calm.

Johnny- My friends in RioMar

  I was with my friends in mall RioMar. We were going to watch a movie, but we weren’t like no movie poster. So we went eat some think, the guy to we gave the invoice. He didin’t cut it. We set and we ate some hamburguer,french fries and we drunk sodas. And after it we back to Bob’s and with the same invoice we took another snack we ate and back to home.

Johnny - The story behind the photo

It Was in February 2009, when my mother tooking this picture of me and was my first traveling by plane and my first time I had going to Orlando. On the third day of travel my parents took me to the Magic Kingdom Park, and I found it amazing because the night the castle is changing color and the toys are very funny. And happend a verry funny thing that I remember to this day, when my mother finished to take that photo had a American person behind her and she fell on top of her and our camera broke in the fall and I found this funny too because my mom doesn't know how to speak English and she didn't know how to apologize to the lady.


It was December 2012, and I was taking photos on the birthday of my friend. Before took this photo, everybody that are in the picture started to dancing,singing,talking... We were happy and very extroverted! Who took this picture was my friend, Daniel. The peoples who are in the picture are my friends to school and I see them almost every day of the year. 
This birthday when one thursday, and finished too late. One day after had classes but were all tired. The party was good and I passed good times with that friends!

Sunday, April 7, 2013



One my favorite photo is the beach of Porto de Galinhas
I took this photo on March 11th 2013,the date was very special,because was a trip with my friends of Curtiba/PR.
I love this photo and I think perfect,because I remember the moment very important of my life.
My friend of Curitiba came the first time in Recife and were the beach of Porto de Galinhas with me too the first time and we love.


Friday, April 5, 2013


This is my favorite photo because it shows my brother and I together when we were kids
My mother took this photo in 2005, at my brother’s first holy communion
I was 6 years old and my brother 10
This photo is so cute and all my family were there. It’s a beautiful place in Faculdade Marista
I found this picture on my computer 


My favorite picture is when I went to the pool with my friends.
The mother of my friend took the photo and it was last year.
We were doing a school project and when we finished we went to the pool, it was so cool!
I think it was one of the best days of my life, because I was with my best friends. And her friends live on your side for life.
I love this photo, so this picture in my room to remind that moment that marked my life!
I hope one day to live it again. It was so good!
Every photo has a story behind and this is mine.
Isabela Bulhões
Teen 3 – Teacher Patrícia

Thursday, April 4, 2013

the story behind the photo

i was taked this photo when i was traveling to itamaraca 
i was in the car and im so lazy in this moment 
but i was listening music and talk with my mothertake a photo of me
fafter i said don´t take photo of me 
i know that i´m wonderful .

My Carnival!

One of my favorite photos is of on the Carnival!
I took the photo on the Carnival of this year when I was in Recife Antigo.
We,I, my sister, my dad, my mom, my friends( Clara, Nana, Bia), my friend´s parents were dancing, singing and we saw the blocks!!
This photo, I am very happy, Carnival was very funny!! Behind of me, had many people, everybody with bigger smile!
I keep this photo in an album in my house.then memories of a wonderful Carnival!!

daniel's photo

My favorite photo is when i'm in MG.

My mother took this photo in july of 2012, on my vocation on Ouro Preto- MG.

This photo is when i do a tour by some cityes of Minas Gerais, and we stop in a restaurant with this beatuiful camp. It was very cold and I eat a lot. It's so funny!

I travel with my mother and my cousin, we took many photos in very beautiful places, but, in my opinion this is the most beautiful. I like this photo a lot

I keep this photo in my album . I have a album just for this travel.
When i don't have nothing to do i pick my albuns and see this photo, and i remember this amazing moment.
One day i will be there again.

My Birthday

One of my favorite photo is of my birthday with my friends.
I took the photo in my birthday of 2012. I was at my friend´s house.
We were eating pizza,... And we were talking about the surprise. I was very happy!!
 This photo was: I, my sister, my friends( Clara, Vitor. Davi, Bia, Milena, Bruno, Laís, Alice, Pedro, Leo, Tiago, Alana, Paula and João)!!!
I keep this photo in an album and on my mind!! The party it´s very funny and happy!! I love my birthday and my friends!!!

the history behind a photo


This is a photo i don't remenber good because its was taked a long time ago.

i take this photo if i rememenmber good in porto de galinhas, in this this we were walking around the city.

Bernadeth, my mother , took me to see the beautifull parts of the city, in don't liked so much but it's a oportunity of get out of my house.

in think this photo was teked last year on my vacation.

ii was visiting porto de galinhas.
i keep this photo to remember the moment.i don't like much this photo.
i don't have a favorite photo.
i took this photo inlast year.
i was visiting porto de galinhas when i saw my fater smoking hiden behind a wall.

            This picture was taken by my friend, Larissa, in my class room, on the day 01/04/2013.
            In this moment I and my friends preparing to dance thriller of Michael Jackson.
            This is my favorite photo.
            I like this photo because I where with my friends, I love my friends, I remenber of this good moment when I look this photo.
            We had to be confined in a room, all afternoon, until our time to dance, because it would be a surprise, but it was good to wait, in the end our dance was a success.

Europe in 2009

Me and my friends in the restaurant.

1- One of my favorite photo is me and my friends in a restaurant.

2- I took this photo in 2013 'January, when we were on vacation in RioMar Shopping.

3- We were in Shopping, and we ate a lot. There's so delicious, we ate Ribs with barbecue.

4- My friends are so nice, they're perfects friends, in the restaurant, we made a lot of jokes and do conversantion for 2 hours.

5- We keep this photo on the restautant, this day are so cool for me and my friends. After eat, we go wlak in the Shopping, I and my friends pretend go other times.

          One of my favorite photos is of my friends and I in my birthday.
          I keep this photo on my computer. I like it because I like very much my friends and this day.
          Who took the picture was my aunt in the hotel room. This time, at night, we were going to sing happy birthday! Had chocolate, cake, refrigerant, etc...
          On that day, my friends (seven girls, Fernanda, Laís, Marília, Júlia, Ana Beatriz, Alana e Beatriz) and I traveled to Muro Alto (by two cars), and we stayed in the Beach Class Hotel to celebrate my birthday! We stayed there for two days, and in them we went to the pool, to the beach, play voleyball and other sports. Was so much fun... mostly funny!! We enjoyed everything! :)
This is my favorite foto... im in the birthday of my friend

The mom of my friend took this photo on marth nine in the birthday of  fourteen years of my friend

We were in his grandma house. We pass all the day in computer and playng XBOX

They are so good friends and them are so funny and we have so fun

I keep this photo in my facebook... Were so good this day. 

1 - one of my favorite photosis of i and my brother and his friends

2 - i took this photo in a brazil soccer game on recife in 2012

3 - we were in a arruda stadium to see the game of the brazil , and we going to a place on the soccer plays stayed

4 - my brother and i go to the stadium and in the stadium we see my brtoher friends , they are very nice , and very olders

5 - i keep this photo now on my facebook , this day is very good for because a remanber this day

gabriel project

one of  my favorite photo is of a me in the new year of 2011.
took the photo in the farm hotel when i was on vacation.
we were in a farm hotel,and we stay in the farm hotel,i and my cousin play soccer.
my family is a good family,in the party of the farm hotel there has very fun,my father play soccer with me.
i keep this photo on my computer when i come back to my home,and this has my best new year of my live.

my favorite photo (by Renan)

This is my favorite photo because I went morro da urca with my family, this photo was taken
In February 17, 2012, in this photo I take a walk with my family in morro da urca, I like it because I have had time with my family and had a great time and it was very fun for my and for this arguments it is my favorite photo fos my

João Cursino

One of my favorite photo is i baby

After a struggle of eight years my mother has trouble getting pregnant with endometriosis, surgery done taking a French horn and one ovary.

Taking medication for a year and at least 1% chance for pregnancy. When she stopped taking the medication and did the routine exam, an ultrasound, which to everyone's surprise, was 3 months pregnant. I was born on 10/20/1998 with health and happiness of my parents who both believed in my birth.

For my family I am one victory, but my mother don’t can have a child.

Pedro Stadtler T3H1

This is one of my favorite photo, is about me and my friends going to a party in Maria Farinha.

This photo was taken in my friend’s house in the garage , in this photo we was preparing to took a van to Maria Farinha.

We went to Maria Farinha by van, and was very funny because we sing a lot of song of different kinds of music, I really liked.

I didn’t took this photo my friend’s mother took this photo. This foto is in Facebook. It’s a great memory and remember about a fantastic day. 

This is on of my favorite photos I was 3 years old when that picture was taken . My mother took this photo. At that time i was getting ready for my uncle's wedding at his house the wedding was in 2003 . It was very fun and it took place at the forum of recife. Although i was a todler so i slept in the party. The wedding took 5 hours and everybody had fun especially my uncles.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One of my favorite photos is a photo of me and my friends in the English Day of my school.
My mother took this photo in August 2011.
We were doing a presentation in the school auditorium.
At this photo, we were dancing The Lazy Song.
I found this picture on facebook, I like it because reminds me a good time with my friends.

Monday, April 1, 2013

One of my favorite photos is a photo of me and my friends.

The photo was taken in 2011 when we were doing a school tour.

We were on the Engenho Massangana, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

The guide took the picture for me, but I deleted it by accident, but my friends posted it on facebook for me.