Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of my favorite photos is this one of my father's side of the family.

The photo was taken with the self-timer of the camera. The camera was on a tripod. It was taken in December 2010 when we were celebrating Christmas.

We were spending the weekend in a hotel in Carneiros, a beautiful beach in the coast of Pernambuco. We went to the beach, talked, exchanged presents and spent time together.

All my family is in the photo: My two aunts and my uncle, my father, all my cousins (from my father's side) and their children, my brothers and sisters-in-law and my children. It was the first year we decided to celebrate Christmas before the real date, spending an entire weekend on the beach, all of us together.

I keep this photo on the computer and by my bed. I love looking at it and remembering the happy times I spend together with my family.

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