Monday, September 30, 2013

My first pentakill - Arthur Freire

This is my favorite photo.I took this photo in the vacation of 2013.I was playing League of Legends with my friends when i did this pentakill, do i record this moment with the LoLReplay, this was my favorite moment in the League of Legends.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paul McCartney show.

I choose this photo because this is the better show then i went. I caught this photo on google. This show is of Paul McCartney in Recife. The show was in april twenty-one, 2012. I went to this show with my mother, my cousin and her boyfriend. The show was in a stadium. When we arrived at the stadium saw that the stadium was packed and we has difficulty to found a place to sit. When the show was starting everyone stopped spoke and sang with him. My favorite sang in the show was 'Hey Jude' because all people sang at the same time. The show was amazing and all liked the show.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Last Day of Class

Beatriz Oliveira - Teen 3 - Teacher Cecília

-One of my favorite photos is of my friends and me. 
- I took the photo in the last day of class on 2012.
- We were in the class and we decided to take this picture to save for a souvenir.
- As it was the last day of class, we were celebrating the vacation. And we were dancing and eating, but I can't remember exactly what kind of food we eat.
- This photo reminds me of that day like it was yesterday. I love this photo and loved this day too!

Disney 2013

Eduarda Pedrosa - Teen 3 - Teacher Cecília

foto.PNG- One of my favorite photos is of me in front of Cinderella Castle.
-This photo was taken by my father in February this year at Magic Kingdom in Orlando - Florida.
- At that time I was very happy to be doing my dream. This was the second time taking, in the first the ears of Minnie were backward.
- This photo is a brand that trip. Most kids have a dream, and this was one of mine, take a picture in front of Cinderella Castle. I was in that photo, with a crowd running behind me, watching a show that was in front of the castle.
-I keep this photo on my ipod.
I also have it on the ipad and in my social networks (Facebook and Instagram).
I really like this photo because it was one of my dreams was realized. And that moment I was really happy.

All the great-grandchildren 2012

Giulia Pedrosa - Teen 3 - Teacher Cecília

- One of my favorites photos, it's of me, my cousins, my sisters and my great-grandmother by the family of my mother.

- My aunt took the photo, in April 1st of 2012, when was my great-grandmother's birthday. We were at my aunt's house, in the birthday celebration of 92 years of my great-grandmother.

- We were at the party, when my family decided to took that photo. My great-grandmother has 15 great-grandchildren, in the photo there were 13 of them. We took this photo about 6 times because always someone was with his hand in his face, talking, with eyes closed... it was a very funny time.

- I have 15 cousins by the family of my mother. In the photo, there were 13 of my cousins, two cousins weren't in the photo because one of them was working and one was living in the Norway. In the photo, my youngest cousin, Heitor, had 2 years, he was eating a bread because before we took that photo he was crying, so someone gave to him a bread, and he stoped to cry. In that moment, everybody was laughing and having fun, because we were together making noise.

-  I have that photo on my facebook and in my cell phone. I just love that photo because it's the most recently photo of all the great-grandchildren and my great-grandmother was very happy to have us with her in her birthday.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mateus Costa


 This is my favorite photo because I was on a trip across the lawn with my family, that day I was meeting with my grandparents Aurora. So this was the happiest day of fun in my life and was also why I chose this photo.  Without my grandparents I am nothing, I want to always remember that day when we made our first trip to Gramado. It was very interesting because we found new things and also learned many thing about wine, grape and also how the wines were made ​​in Gramado.                                                                                                                                                              

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cup Brazil 2008 - Hugo Lima

My favorite photo is of the title of Cup Brazil of my soccer team, Sport Recife.This photo is of 2008 and I caught this of internet.The Sport Recife was champion of Cup Brazil and in the final match Sport played with Corinthians and was Sport 2 x 0 Corinthians.In this photo are the professionals that was working in Sport Recife in that year, Durval, the captain, was lifting the trophy.I was surfing in the internet when I found this photo in the site official of Sport Recife and I saved in my computer.


My mom took this picture when we were on the beaches of the Caribbean. I was very happy, because I was with my family and with my friend. I really like the trip, because it was the first time I rode in a ship. I keep this picture very carefully, because it is one of the memories of the trip, which to me was amazing. 
   This is one of my favorite photos. It´s of me and my family.
   The picture was taken on my last vacation in July.
   I was having lunch at my uncle and aunt house in the photo you can see: my sister,my mother, my uncle, my aunt my garndmother and my cousin.
   Actualy my other cousin was there too but he didn´t apear cause he was taking the photo, this moment was very good cause in the year i don´t see them cause they live in São Paulo.
   I don´t have the photo in paper but i save it in my computer and facebook.

Diana - Dante Queiroz

One of my favorite photo is Diana of League of Legends

I took this phot in one event of League of Legends in 2012 on vacation.

I in São Paulo and saw this picture on the event and took the photo.

This is my favorite champion of League of Legends because that i took this photo

I took this photo in one event of the league.

Rio Grande do Sul- João Vitor Beltrão

My favorite photo is of my family.
The photo was took for a men in Rio Grande do Sul, in 2013.
We were in airport of Porto Algre and decided take the photo.
Everybody were happy me my sister, mt father, my mother, grandmothers,grandfather.
Because i love my family

    This is one of my favorite photos , I took this photo at my friend's birthday all of the girls of our school were sleeping on that friend's house.
    I keep this photo at my desk on picture frame I love this photo more than the other ones. 
   My best friend Helena is not in  the photo because she took it , but there is another one really similar that she is in the photo 
     This photo is a really good memory that i'm going to keep forever.

One of my favorite photos.

throughout the Group C in opening games in internal Português club.
were all eager, after that we were going to dance, wanted to win. I was almost shaking with nervousness.
I like this photo because it reminds me of seventh grade, all together ... Every time I see this photo I miss, everything and everyone. I think beautiful, just perfect.

Brother's Birthday

My Brother's Birthday.
My favorite photo is a photo of my brother's birthday.

My uncle took this photo on August 4th, when we were in the Shopping Plaza.

We were at the Gamestation, and my brother was very happy, he went to some toys and had a good time.

Matheus,my brother, is a good kid and I think he will be a good man.

I keep this photo in some places,for example on the wall of my room.In the next year,in his birthday's, I don't know what i do to him, but I know I will do one very funny thing to him.

My Photo - Pedro Didier

    This is my favorite photo, the person in the photo is me.
I took this photo in August of 2013 when I was in my school before the class.
    I was bored, and I decided to take a photo of mine. My friends said that the photo was good and I really liked it.
    The person in the photo is me and behind me was a wall and in behind it had a classroom.
    I keep this photo in my iPhone and in my facebook, I like it because I I think there I was beautiful in this picture.

Riven - The exile

She is my main character in the best game of the world, league of legends... She name is riven, His story Riven proved ruthless and efficient warrior, having his conviction as his true strength. She came in all

battle without any doubt in your mind, no time for conversations ethical and above all, without fear of death. Soon became the leader of his troop and was considered as the girl's spirit Noxan. So exceptional was her passion that the High Command of the War presentiou with a rune sword forged with dark green stones made ​​by a feitiçera of Noxian troops and put it in Ionia formed to invade Noxian.

What began as a simple war soon became a true extermination. Raven had gotten into a war for which he had been trained. His troops, gradually, they were defeated by the Noxian warriors who roamed the fields of death along with the terrifying war machines Zaunite. During an ambush, Raven and its units found themselves face to face with the fearsome Noxian troops. Instead of receiving the support request, Raven faced a barrage of terror launched by Singed biochemist. To escape the terrible bombing Riven percebu who was the only survivor in exile created by the invasion failed. To forget the terrible past, Riven decided to break his sword and she is now looking for a new way to serve Noxian.

She is the best !!!

Monday, September 23, 2013


My favorite photo is of me and my grandfather.
I took this photo in my birthday party of 10 years old.
I love this photo because it  is one of the last pictures with my grandfather before him died.
 That reminds me how important he was to me and for relive my good memories of him, I misss him so much but just thinks he is in a better place make me move on.
I keep this photo in my room on a picture frame for I can see it every day.

In this picture i was 1 years old. 
My mom took this picture when I was going to gravatá was a very special day because it was the day we celebrated my father's birthday.
On this day, I went swimming, i walked horse, i spent etc ...
I loved that day!

A day in England-Amanda Sales

This is my favorite photo.
My father took this photo when i was on vacation last July in England.
I was in Cambridge with my father, my mother, my grandmother and my grandfather.We were visiting the University of Cambridge.
I put this photo on the wall of my room. It was a very especial trip for me.

my favorite photo is that of one amazing sportcar in the world
i took the photo in my travel to sãopaulo
i was in a aveneu called europa ho has a lot of sportscars
hes name, aventador lp700-4 like a bull the most strong of all
i love this photo and i dindn´t wan´t any other car in my life
publishied by :matheus milano

Bike lane

Bike lane on Sunday, to me and my viewpoint its good because besides you are doing this exercise better knowing your city while strolling. You can walk, alone, in groups of friends, family ...
Because this and others i chose this,which is a health and culture scene
Marco zero

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I took this photo at my friend's birthday! This day was very nice, I sing and I danced a lot with my friends ...
This birthday was my friend Pedro, he was doing 12 years, and there were his mother and father.
I love birthdays because I like to dance and sing ... and eat it too!
This day was very special to me I will never forget!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


One of my favorite photos is a photo of me and my friends. It was in beggining at 2013.
This photo was taken on the Riomar bowling by the waitress.
On the day we were having so much fun and laugh a lot
I found this picture on guilherme's facebook, I like it because was was one of our first meetings after vacation and will be stored in memory

Orlando 2013

I took this photo in my last travel to Orlando, this year.
I was  in Harry Potter's town, on Universal's park.
When my mom took this photo, i was going to play in the park. It was a very great day that i will always remember.

This day is so happy! Finaly I buy the my eletric guitar,the model is: Menfis. I buy in the geek,a music store, this store is in the shoping Rio Mar,the price that this guitar is 350.I buy all, the cable, the cover and the music boox. I pay in all 970,is some expensive but the guitar is soo good, the store have all the tipes that guitar, and have guitars, bass and battery.

Me and my friend

Me and my friends went to the shopping and when we were passing through the PB kids my friend Júlia saw the masks of Spiderman and Wolverine. She scream "oh my gosh, the masks of spiderman and wolverine, le'ts take a picture" and I said "yeah, let's go". We enter the store and took the picture. After we went to the cinema with my other friends. I just LOVE this day.

Me and João

My favorite photo is with my friend, João.

Bruna took this photo, we were in Plaza mall.

We took this photo in July, we were at Bali's story.

We went to work João, it was a surprise. João took the job to take the photo. This photo is my favorite because it is the only one I have with he. 

I have this photo on my facebook and on the wall of my bedroom. This photo is very special.