Thursday, April 4, 2013

          One of my favorite photos is of my friends and I in my birthday.
          I keep this photo on my computer. I like it because I like very much my friends and this day.
          Who took the picture was my aunt in the hotel room. This time, at night, we were going to sing happy birthday! Had chocolate, cake, refrigerant, etc...
          On that day, my friends (seven girls, Fernanda, Laís, Marília, Júlia, Ana Beatriz, Alana e Beatriz) and I traveled to Muro Alto (by two cars), and we stayed in the Beach Class Hotel to celebrate my birthday! We stayed there for two days, and in them we went to the pool, to the beach, play voleyball and other sports. Was so much fun... mostly funny!! We enjoyed everything! :)

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