Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Johnny - A party on the night - Rafael Silva

This is a photo from the last year. In the day, we were in the birthday of the woman next to me in the photo. We were in the party room, and the birthday was to cool. We celebrate all the night, talked a lot, saw a concert of a band and we had fun. The best part of the party was the band concert. The leader of the band was the son of the birthday! The band's name was AltPlay, but they don't sang songs in group more! They argue, and the band finished, but they played good songs. Finally, In the next day, I had slept all the morning, and a part of the afternoon. In the photo, I was with my family, friends and the birthday, and we were in the final of the room. That was a fantastic day, and I don't think I going to forgot it.

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