Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Riven - The exile

She is my main character in the best game of the world, league of legends... She name is riven, His story Riven proved ruthless and efficient warrior, having his conviction as his true strength. She came in all

battle without any doubt in your mind, no time for conversations ethical and above all, without fear of death. Soon became the leader of his troop and was considered as the girl's spirit Noxan. So exceptional was her passion that the High Command of the War presentiou with a rune sword forged with dark green stones made ​​by a feitiçera of Noxian troops and put it in Ionia formed to invade Noxian.

What began as a simple war soon became a true extermination. Raven had gotten into a war for which he had been trained. His troops, gradually, they were defeated by the Noxian warriors who roamed the fields of death along with the terrifying war machines Zaunite. During an ambush, Raven and its units found themselves face to face with the fearsome Noxian troops. Instead of receiving the support request, Raven faced a barrage of terror launched by Singed biochemist. To escape the terrible bombing Riven percebu who was the only survivor in exile created by the invasion failed. To forget the terrible past, Riven decided to break his sword and she is now looking for a new way to serve Noxian.

She is the best !!!

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