Saturday, September 28, 2013

All the great-grandchildren 2012

Giulia Pedrosa - Teen 3 - Teacher Cecília

- One of my favorites photos, it's of me, my cousins, my sisters and my great-grandmother by the family of my mother.

- My aunt took the photo, in April 1st of 2012, when was my great-grandmother's birthday. We were at my aunt's house, in the birthday celebration of 92 years of my great-grandmother.

- We were at the party, when my family decided to took that photo. My great-grandmother has 15 great-grandchildren, in the photo there were 13 of them. We took this photo about 6 times because always someone was with his hand in his face, talking, with eyes closed... it was a very funny time.

- I have 15 cousins by the family of my mother. In the photo, there were 13 of my cousins, two cousins weren't in the photo because one of them was working and one was living in the Norway. In the photo, my youngest cousin, Heitor, had 2 years, he was eating a bread because before we took that photo he was crying, so someone gave to him a bread, and he stoped to cry. In that moment, everybody was laughing and having fun, because we were together making noise.

-  I have that photo on my facebook and in my cell phone. I just love that photo because it's the most recently photo of all the great-grandchildren and my great-grandmother was very happy to have us with her in her birthday.

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