Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disney 2013

Eduarda Pedrosa - Teen 3 - Teacher Cecília

foto.PNG- One of my favorite photos is of me in front of Cinderella Castle.
-This photo was taken by my father in February this year at Magic Kingdom in Orlando - Florida.
- At that time I was very happy to be doing my dream. This was the second time taking, in the first the ears of Minnie were backward.
- This photo is a brand that trip. Most kids have a dream, and this was one of mine, take a picture in front of Cinderella Castle. I was in that photo, with a crowd running behind me, watching a show that was in front of the castle.
-I keep this photo on my ipod.
I also have it on the ipad and in my social networks (Facebook and Instagram).
I really like this photo because it was one of my dreams was realized. And that moment I was really happy.

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