Friday, October 25, 2013

Questions of the my photo

Questions of the my photo, page 25.

1) What's your favorite photo?

My favorite photo is about  I and my friends in UFPE.

2) Who took it? when? where?

My mother took the photo in my stand in UFPE, In August.

3) What was happening when you took the photo?

We were presenting to visitors who came to hear about our theme.

4) Tell me more about who or what is in the photo.

These are my friends, We present our work with the theme Larval therapy, We were competing with students from various places.

5) Where do you keep it? Why do you like it?

I liked your photo because, It was my first Fenecit ( Fair Northeastern science and technology ) with my best friends. I keep this photo in my album. The memories of a wonderful adventure.

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