Friday, October 25, 2013

The story behind a photo/ Wrinting 2, page 25
1- What's your favorite photo?
My favorite photo it's me with my friends
2- Who took it?When?Where?
My friend Lorena in March at Lorena's house.
3-What was happening when you took the photo?
Lorena's mother saw me and my friends laughing
4-Tell me more about who or what is in the photo.
That day was really cool, because I saw how my friends make me feel good
 and I pass me joy.Me and my frinds took this photo on a very happy time.
5-Where do you keep it? Why do you like it?
I keep this photo in my notebook and my mobile phone. I like this photo becase it has almost all my friends and also because we took this photo on a very happy time.

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