Friday, October 4, 2013



        My friend Lorena took this photo in March, when we were doing a school project on the book "PolicarpoQuaresma" and when we finished we went to the pool. I like this photo because it has almost all my friends and also because we took this photo on a very happy time. That day we laughed and had lots of fun, we played football, "Image and Action and twister, we ate brigadeiro, popcorn, Nutella and cakes. At night we went to the ice cream shop in the street of Lorena’s house and when we were eating we have soiled ourselves, which was really funny, because everybody got messy with the chocolate syrup, then we did a sleepover and stayed awoke all night watching scary movies. The other day my mom had to pick me up by afternoon and I went to Carpina. On that day, we forget the studies and everyday problems. I know them for 4 years and it seems like longer.  That day was really cool, because I saw how my friends make me well and I pass me joy. I think that day will be marked in our lives.

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